Martingales & Breastplates

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67 Results

Riders looking to secure their saddle in place or add a new aid into their training routine might consider investing in a breastplate or martingale.

If your saddle tends to slide back during riding, then you might benefit from a well-fitting breastplate. Breastplates wrap around the horse's chest and attach to the rings on your saddle and girth. It's an especially good choice for trail riders who spend long hours in the saddle. The Cheshire Horse can outfit you with a breastplate from our collection, no matter your budget. We have economical options from Gatsby and Wintec, as well as high-end leather breastplates from Bobby's English Tack, Zilco, and Nunn Finer.

Adding a running martingale or standing martingale to your training regimen can help you work with your horse on head carriage. A standing martingale hangs in a loop around the base of your horse's neck and attaches in two places: the center of the girth and the noseband. This martingale is often used with horses who need work on maintaining their head carriage. The Cheshire Horse can help you find the right standing martingale, with great choices from Gatsby, Bobby's English Tack, KL Select, Henri de Rivel, and Walsh.

The running martingale works by threading your reins through the two forks that, when set at a height slightly above the desired level of head carriage, will help you gain leverage to lower your horse's headset. The running martingale is less restrictive than the standing martingale, since there is more mobility between the horse's head and rider's hands. If the running martingale is what you need, let The Cheshire Horse help you find your perfect fit from our selection of running martingales from the same high-quality brands.

Customize your equipment with any of our martingale attachments, including fleece covers, rein stops, and beyond.