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53 Results
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We aim to make raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys as enjoyable as possible. Our extensive selection of poultry accessories will allow you to spend more time doting on your feathered friends and less time on the day-to-day labor of tending to your flock.

Make gathering eggs a breeze, with our large and small egg baskets from Miller Manufacturing. These gorgeous egg baskets look darling on your kitchen counter teaming with fresh eggs. If you are looking for a more "hands-free" option, check out the Egg Collecting Apron from Fluffy Layers. Wear this apron during morning chores and have a place to collect eggs (have we mentioned that it is cute to boot?!). Properly categorize and package your harvest with the Fall Harvest The Incredible Egg Scale and Hartmann Packaging Molded Fiber Jumbo Egg Carton, respectively.

Inevitably, your flock will get into a scuffle. Treat wounds and cuts with Rooster Booster Poultry Wound Spray to have them heal quickly and without complications. Banixx Chixx Wound Treatment is your secret weapon against pecking sores, raw vent area injuries, bumble foot (bumblefoot), fowl pox, and fungus. Keep a bottle in the coop for emergencies!

Hatching your own chicks is an exciting endeavor! Use our Farm Innovators Model 4250 Pro Series Incubator, which takes the guesswork out of regulating temperature and humidity for the developing embryos. After your chicks are hatched, we have the right products to help them thrive, including brooding lamp bulbs, Sav-A-Chick Supplement, and Fresh Coop Dust Bath For Poultry.

We have everything you need to care for your flock. With brands such as Happy Hen Treats, Jackson Wire, Duravet, Vetericyn, and Manno Pro, you can be assured that you are providing your chickens, geese, guinea hens, turkeys, and waterfowl with the best support possible. If you need it for your poultry, we have it on our shelves!

If you have an questions or would like to learn more about any of our poultry-raising products, please reach out to our friendly sales staff. We have years of experience on the farm and in the coop.