Coolers & Fleece Sheets

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22 Results
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Overheating can be a serious threat to your horse's health that can lead to muscle fatigue, dehydration, exhaustion, and internal complications leading to colic. Just as dangerous is leaving your sweaty horse to dry in the cold air - such drastic temperature changes can also lead to colic and hypothermia. Anti-sweat sheets, usually identifiable by their woven cotton base, encourage airflow and moisture wicking on your horse's back. Because of its woven material, an anti-sweat sheet can also double as a good fly sheet. It's a versatile choice for a light layer at turnout! The Cheshire Horse has an excellent selection of anti-sweat sheets like the classic Baker Irish Weave Anti-Sweat Sheet for the traditionalist, as well as new technology like the Weatherbeeta EZI DRI Cooler with lightweight synthetic fabric.

We also feature a series of fleece coolers for your horse. A fleece cooler works just as well as any of our anti-sweat sheets to wick moisture and regulate temperature, but also adds a layer of warmth for the colder months. Fleece coolers can also act as a light layer underneath another winter blanket. Check out the Horseware Rambo Newmarket Fleece Sheet for a double-thick fleece option. We have a variety of coolers and sheets from Waldhausen, Horze, Schneiders, and Horseware to meet all budgets, so stop by to choose the right layer for your horse!

All of our lightweight anti-sweat sheets and coolers are perfect for keeping your horse cleanly while being shipped or at a horse show as well. You can't miss with such a versatile product!