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10 Results
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Keep your boots, tack, and equine equipment looking as good as possible with our selection of leather dyes and leather polishes. These products intensify the color of the leather while providing a protective layer against dirt, horse sweat, and excess moisture.

Prepare your dress boots or field boots for competition with our inventory of boot polish and leather polish. These products deposit color to cover scuffs and scrapes while producing a show-ring ready shine. Shop our assortment of boot creams, boot shines, and shoe polishes from trusted equestrian brands including Effax, Fiebing's, and Urad. Not just for your equestrian boots, these products also keep your casual shoes in top condition.

If you own light oil tack or tack that is a lighter color than you desire, use a darkening oil to deepen the color and turn into a darker brown. Use the oil in thin layers so that you can control the final look of your saddle, bridle, girth, or other piece of equipment. We carry the customer favorite Hydrophane Darkening Oil, which is popular among both English and Western riders. If you need to drastically change the color of the leather, consider a permanent leather dye product such as Fiebing's Professional Leather Dye.

Protect your equine tack and equipment investments with an application of leather polish or leather dye. If you would like personalized suggestions about the appropriate products to care for your leather, we invite you to speak to a knowledgeable and friendly member of our sales staff.