Saddle Pad Liners

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10 Results
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In addition to our complete selection of Western saddle pads and saddle blankets, we also carry a wide variety of Western saddle pad liners. Keep your saddle pad performing well and your horse as comfortable as possible with our saddle pad liners, which are thin pads designed to be worn underneath your saddle pad or saddle blanket. 

These economical liners protect your saddle pad from sweat, horse hair, and dirt while extending its life exponentially. Our Western saddle pad liners from Diamond Wool use natural wool fibers to wick moisture away from your horse’s back while gently cushioning the muscles, spine, and ribcage. 

For impact protection, you may be interested in a foam saddle pad liner, such as the ones from Cashel or Tucker. These closed-cell foam liners and memory foam liners absorb the concussion of the rider in the saddle, making them a wonderful option for horses with sore backs or a history of back pain. We also stock felt saddle pad liners and acrylic saddle pad liners.

Keep your saddle properly positioned with a non-slip Western pad liner. These thin pads fit between your horse and your regular saddle pad, and they prevent the saddle from sliding without compromising fit. Many round horses and horses with broad shoulders benefit from utilizing a non-slip liner from your favorite tack suppliers including Intrepid International.

Keep your horse’s back pain-free and comfortable while protecting your saddle and saddle pad with our Western saddle blanket liners. If you have any questions regarding the liner pads that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best Western saddle pad liner for you and your horse, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.