Hoods & Shoulder Guards

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Is your horse looking for a bit more coverage than his or her blanket can offer? Hoods and shoulder guards are wonderful companions to your blanket or sheet that can keep your horse comfortable and warm.

To minimize blanket rubbing and shoulder rubs, we carry shoulder guards from Sleazy Sleepwear, Centaur, and Back on Track. These lycra bibs provide a slippery surface for your horse's blanket or sheet, which offers protection from painful rubs and chafing.

Infused with the innovative Welltex ceramic therapy fabric, the Back on Track Equine Shoulder Guard does double duty. In addition to reducing pressure from the blanket across the shoulders, it also helps to eliminate muscle soreness or tightness in your horse's shoulders and chest.

We also carry a number of different hoods from a number of trusted equine manufacturers such as Back on Track, Bucas, Horseware, and Sleazy Sleepwear. The filled hoods, such as the Horseware Amigo Stock Horse Turnout Neck Cover, provide protection from the elements and keep your horse cozy in inclement weather. Insulated hoods are particularly useful with body-clipped horses to ensure that they do not catch a chill.

The lycra hoods that we carry have the same use as their shoulder guard counterparts, but with additional functionality. Many of the customers choose to use the Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses Solid Color Stretch Hood to train their horse's mane and forelock or even to protect their braids or bands the night before a horse show.

Just as with blankets and sheets, it is essential that your hoods and shoulder guards fit correctly in order to keep your horse comfortable. Consult with our experienced sales associates if you have any questions about sizing or need assistance in determining which product would best serve you and your horse.