Pelham Bits

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18 Results

A pelham bit gives you the versatility and precise control of a double bridle, wrapped up in the convenience of one bit. You truly can say that the pelham bit is the best of both worlds. Utilizing two reins, the pelham gives you the ability to use the snaffle action and the curb function of the bit independently from one another with a singular mouthpiece.

Snaffle reins, often braided or laced reins, fasten to the rings on the mouthpiece, while curb reins (traditionally thin plain reins) affix to the end of the bit’s shanks. The snaffle function of the bit provides direct rein action, while the curb aspect of the pelham applies pressure to the poll and under the chin with a curb chain or curb strap. 

We carry a variety of pelhams from trusted manufacturers such as Beris Bits, Gatsby, Korsteel, Myler Bits, and Stubben. With an assortment of mouthpieces available, like jointed, ported, rubber mouth, and straight bar; and shanks of various lengths, we have a pelham for every horse and rider combination. The pelham helps to bend the horse at the poll, while still encouraging a strong connection with the bit.

The Steeltec EZ Control Pelham Bit from Stubben is popular among many hunter/jumper riders. This unique mouthpiece allows you to influence your horse with the slightest of rein aids, yet is not a harsh bit. The three-piece mouthpiece also eliminates the “nutcracker” action of many jointed bits, when the joint pushes into the roof of the mouth and pinches the horse’s tongue.

For riders who are not yet capable of riding with two rings, we also offer bit converters. These leather straps attach to each of the pelham rings and allow one rein to be used instead.

If you need assistance selecting the right bit for your horse, refer to our blog or speak with a member of our experienced sales staff.