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13 Results
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With the right care and the proper products, you can maintain the integrity of your tack and extend its life. Leather dressings and leather oils are applied to clean tack and equine equipment to keep the leather soft and supple. These products absorb into the leather and protect against deteriorating, cracking, and breaking. Many equestrians also oil their new tack to quickly break in the leather and make it more flexible.

Neatsfoot oil is traditionally the go-to leather care oil; however, in recent years, oil blends and synthetic dressings have become increasingly popular. We carry a number of dressings and oils from trusted equestrian brands including Carr & Day & Martin, Effax, Farnam, and Fiebing's. Dressings and oils enhance the look of your leather and give it an elegant, well-cared-for finish.

Moisturizing and conditioning your leather products is an essential step in every equestrian's leather care regime. For more information about properly cleaning and oiling your saddle, bridles, and other equipment, refer to our blog post, TLC: Tack Love and Care. If you have questions regarding the leather oils and dressings that we carry or would like assistance choosing the proper leather product for your tack, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.