Catnip Toys

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46 Results

It's a fact, most cats love catnip! According to many studies, over half of the cat population reacts strongly to this plant which is a member of the mint family. Catnip contains the potent, all-natural substance nepetalactone, which stimulates cats when they inhale it; when eaten, catnip actually has a sedative effect. Despite the effects that catnip tends to have on cats, it is completely safe and will not harm your cat or kitten in any way. Generally, cats react to catnip and catnip toys with rolling, flipping, and general hyperactivity.

In order to entertain your feline friends, we carry an extensive selection of cat toys which are infused with catnip. Available from trusted pet toy companies including Catit, Multipet, Spot, and Yeowww Catnip, these high-quality catnip toys will provide hours of fun for your cat (and hours of laughter for you!). Playing with toys does more than give your cat something to do, it also keeps them active and decreases the likelihood of feline obesity.

Catnip bubbles are fun for the whole family. Simply blow a bubble and watch your cat scamper across the room, eager to pounce on and pop the bubble. Once popped, the bubble will release the intoxicating aroma of catnip, and that is when the real fun begins! Check out the Multipet Catnip Garden Bubbles and Pet QWerks Cat IncrediBubbles.

In addition to the catnip infused toys that we carry, we also stock dried catnip and catnip pouches. Some cats prefer the loose dried herb to roll in and play with.

Release your cat’s inner kitten by providing them with catnip cat toys. Our cat-loving sales team is always available to assist you in making your feline toy purchase.