Rawhide & Bully Dog Chews

32 Results
32 Results

Satisfy your dog’s natural chewing behavior by providing your canine companion with rawhide chews and bully sticks. These unique natural chews combine the entertainment of a toy with the delicious taste of a dog treat.

Bully sticks are made from a long strip of beef muscle or venison muscle which is baked at a long temperature to produce a tough chew for your dog. The baking process also concentrates the natural flavors and aromas, which makes them nearly irresistible to even the pickiest of canine palates. They are completely digestible for your dog and even remove tooth plaque and tartar. We carry a wide range of bully stick sizes and flavors from your favorite dog treat manufacturers including RedBarn, Etta Says, Earth Animal, and Vital Essential. If you are sensitive to animal smells, you may want to consider purchasing an odor-free bully stick such as the ones we carry from Barkworthies.

Rawhide is a popular and long-lasting dog chew product which is derived from an untanned animal skin, typically a cow hide. It is formed into various shapes to appeal to dogs of every age, breed, and size. When purchasing rawhide for your dog, it is imperative that you purchase a chemical-free rawhide chew from a trusted source. You can be confident in what you are giving your dog when you shop the high-quality rawhide chews at The Cheshire Horse. We carry all-natural rawhide treats from reliable pet supply companies such as Cadet Gourmet, Pet Factory, Health Extension, and Dog Bark.

For your dog’s health and safety, we recommend only giving them rawhide chews and bully sticks under your close supervision.

A delicious bully stick or rawhide chew may even deter your dog from chewing on your shoes or furniture by giving them a positive way to curb their chewing instincts. We also carry a full inventory of natural dog chews. If you have questions regarding the bully sticks that we carry or would like assistance choosing the right rawhide chew for your dog, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, many of which are dog owners themselves.