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45 Results
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"No hoof, no horse," as the age old adage says. There is so much truth to that statement! Without a strong foundation to stand on, your horse may be sore or even lame. Your horse's hooves can be influenced by environmental factors, genetics, nutrition, and even your maintenance program.

Strong hooves can hold shoes better, or even allow your horse to go barefoot. Say goodbye to quarter cracks, abscesses, or crumbling hooves with one of The Cheshire Horse's many hoof supplements. With high quality supplements from companies such as Durvet, Farnam, Life Data Labs, and Uckele, we have the right supplement to support each and every horse in your barn.

Hoof supplements utilize a myriad of ingredients to support healthy hooves. Biotin is the major player of many supplements; this B-vitamin incites keratin production. Keratin works to improve the quality of the hoof wall and sole, frog, and white line, which reinforces the hoof as a whole.

Biotin has a large cast of supporting players in an effective hoof supplement. MSM, cystine, and methionine are sulfur-bearing nutrients that work together with amino acids, such as lysine, to support the connective tissue within the hoof wall and improve hoof quality and growth. Other organically bound minerals, such as copper and zinc, support bone and cartilage health and formation.

We know that you have so many options to choose from when shopping for hoof supplements. At The Cheshire Horse, we want to make it easy on you. Talk to one of our experienced sales associates to determine the proper supplement and dosage for your horse.

Please note that results can be slow to be seen when you begin a new hoof supplement, so please give it a chance to work! Watch for new and improved hoof growth below the coronary band, six to eight weeks after beginning the supplement. Remember that it make nearly a year for the old hoof to completely grow out and be replaced with new, healthy tissue.