Western Breastplates & Breast Collars

30 Results
30 Results

Breast collars and Western breastplates keep your saddle properly positioned throughout the duration of your ride. By attaching to your saddle dee rings and your cinch, a breastplate prevents your saddle from sliding backward. When adjusted correctly, a Western breast collar will not inhibit your horse's movement in any way.

We carry an extensive selection of show breast plates and working breast collars from a number of your favorite equestrian brands such as Circle Y, Intrepid International, and Weaver Leather. Available in synthetic, plain leather, tooled leather, and silver adorned breast collar options, our inventory includes a breast collar to match a large number of Western saddles. We pride ourselves in stocking tack for every horse and carry a wide range of breast collar sizes to ensure we can fit ponies, horses, and even draft horses.

Breast collars are worn by horses of nearly every Western discipline, including trail riding, barrel racing, and Western pleasure. These Western tack accessories are more than functional however, they also put the final touches on many equestrians' show ring look. From plain rough-out work tack to gorgeously tooled competition breast collars, we have the best breastplate for you and your horse.

Both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, consider utilizing a Western breast collar or breastplate to keep your saddle from sliding toward your horse's hindquarters. If you have any questions about breast collar styles or proper breastplate fit, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands-on experience in the barn and in the saddle.