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81 Results
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On the trails and in the ring, ear nets are a great way to protect your horse from horse flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects while you are riding. Offering a physical barrier from the flies, ear nets fit easily under your horse's bridle without compromising the fit. Keeping flies from buzzing around your horse's ears helps to minimize head tossing, which makes riding much more enjoyable for the avid equestrian.

We carry an extensive assortment of ear nets from trusted companies such as Cashel, Centaur, Eskadron, Horse Fare, and Horze. Available in both mesh and crochet styles, as well as a wide array of colors, we have ear nets for every taste and budget.

The Eskadron Silver Trimmed Crochet Fly Veil is a favorite among our customers, with its classic styling and rugged fabric. It holds up well with day-to-day use, while still looking good enough to use for a lesson, clinic, or even a horse show.

The Horze Reflective Ear Net is the perfect selection for the serious trailrider. With its neon green coloring and wide reflective strip, your horse will be extremely visible to cars as well as any hunters that may be in the woods. You will find yourself reaching for this trail riding essential long after the flies have left.

Many ear nets are even legal in the show ring! Jumpers, eventers, and dressage horses can all be seen sporting ear nets during competition to help them focus less on the bugs and more on the job at hand. As always, please refer to your association's rule book or speak with the horse show steward about the legality of any equipment.

Our experienced sales associates know just how annoying flying insects can be to both you and your horse when you are trying to ride. If you have any questions about selecting the proper ear net for your situation, we would love to help.