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19 Results

Protect your tack, boots, and equine equipment from the elements with our selection of weatherproofing supplies. These tack weatherproofing products reinforce the natural oils in the leather and help the leather repel moisture. Whether you ride in the rain and the snow and want to protect your saddle or are looking to waterproof your favorite pair of barn boots, weatherproofing and waterproofing your equipment will extend its lifespan while maintaining its integrity.

We carry a variety of leather weatherproofing products from trusted farm supply companies including Bickmore, Fiebing's, Intrepid International, Kiwi, Leather Seal, and Nikwax. These balms, oils, and pastes penetrate the leather to protect it from water and extreme temperatures while moisturizing the leather. By treating your leather tack with a proper weatherproofing product, you can minimize the leather drying and cracking while also safeguarding against water stains.

These products seal the leather and should only be used on freshly cleaned tack and equipment. Shop our selection of gentle leather soaps to prepare your equipment for the weatherproofing process. A testament to their unique natural ingredients, including mink oil and beeswax, these products also condition the leather without leaving it greasy or with a residue.

Please note, many of these products work on smooth leather but will be effective on suede. We suggest that you refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions prior to use. Testing the products on an inconspicuous location is advised in order to ensure that it will not stain the leather before you treat your tack, equipment, and clothing with it.

Enjoy your horse and your time in the barn no matter what the weather may be. If you have questions about a weatherproofing leather treatment that we carry or would like assistance choosing a waterproofing product for a specific application, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff who have years of hands on experience with the products that we carry.