Hunter/Jumper Girths

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21 Results
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We carry a wide selection of leather and synthetic girths for the hunter/jumper enthusiast. These long English girths are designed to work with short billet saddles, including all-purpose saddles, close contact saddles, jumping saddles, endurance saddles, and more. A properly adjusted girth keeps the equestrian and the saddle properly positioned on the horse’s back for the duration of their ride.

Our hunter/jumper girths come in a variety of sizes and styles from your favorite equestrian manufacturers, such as Professionals Choice, Total Saddle Fit, Wintec, and Tory Leather. Some horses, especially those who are prone to rubs, prefer the fleece lined girths that give them extra padding. Others, particularly those who are sensitive or have saddle fit difficulties, have a preference toward anatomical girths or shoulder relief girths, which provide cut-outs around the elbows to enhance their performance under saddle.

It is important to choose the correctly sized girth for your horse and your saddle, both for your horse’s comfort and your safety. A girth that is too small can be difficult to attach to your saddle, while a girth that is too large will be too loose and will not keep the saddle properly positioned. When adjusted, the girth should be approximately half-way up the billets on each side, so that they will not interfere with the rider’s leg position or with the horse's anatomy. English girths come in two inch increments and are measured from buckle to buckle.

At The Cheshire Horse, we want to help you select the best hunter/jumper girth for you and your horse. If you have any questions regarding sizing or which style would be the most suitable for your horse, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.