27 Results
27 Results

You give your horse top-notch care and pay the utmost attention to their health; with our selection of human supplements, you can give yourself the same benefits of quality nutrition and well-researched formulations. 

We carry a selection of oral and topical supplements that are specifically designed to promote health and mobility for equestrians, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and other active adults. These supplements come from many of the brands that you have come to know and trust for your horses and pets, including Caleb Treeze Organic Farm, Redmond Equine, Omega Fields, Response Products, and Zim’s. We proudly stock a wide array of Badger products, a local Gilsum, NH, company.

Improve your general health and joint function with our assortment of pain relievers, muscle rubs, and joint supplements. These products will have you feeling great and performing at your very best -- in and out of the saddle.

Cannabidiol (CBD) based products have become increasingly popular amongst our customers. By filling your cannabinoid receptors, CBD is said to relieve pain and inflammation while reducing anxiety. We carry a wide range of CBD supplements that are completely THC-free, including creams, capsules, topical roll-ons, oral tinctures, and even honey varieties from high-quality and respected supplement companies such as Medterra CBD, SoulVibe, and Colorado Hemp Honey. Some of the CBD products that we carry are infused with additional ingredients (i.e. turmeric, melatonin, etc.) for increased benefits. Learn more about these exciting healthcare product lines on our blog post, Making Sense of CBD.

Make your health and wellness a priority with our inventory of equestrian supplements. If you have any questions regarding a specific rider health product that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best CBD supplement for you, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff, many of which rely on these high-quality and effective supplements.