Sprayer Bottles

9 Results
9 Results

If you are a fan of concentrated fly sprays or like to purchase your fly repellent in large quantities, you are most likely in the market for a high-quality spray bottle that will hold up to the dust and daily abuse in the barn. We carry a selection of spray bottles that have been manufactured specifically with the equestrian in mind from companies like Absorbine, Delta Industries, Miller Manufacturing, and US Plastics.

Our very own Cheshire Horse Fly Spray Bottle - 32oz is an affordable option that our customers have come to rely on. The large size means that it holds a substantial amount of fly spray, making it ideal for spraying your entire herd of horses before you turn them out for the day. With an adjustable spray nozzle, you can determine the strength of the stream as well as the width of the spray area with just a simple twist. This allows you to customize the spray depending on your horse as well as the application.

If you already have a fly spray container, you will be relieved to know that we also carry replacement Sprayer Heads from Absorbine. These heads are easy to screw onto an existing bottle when your old one starts leaking or stops working entirely.

Not just for fly sprays! These spray bottles are extremely versatile around the barn. Consider buying one to mix up a cooling liniment brace for your horse or use one to easily apply coat conditioners. It's also never a bad idea to have an extra heavy duty spray bottle on hand in the tack room in the event that you need one.

Our friendly sales staff has years of hands-on horse experience. Reach out to us if you have any questions about your purchase.