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11 Results
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We try hard to make sure that our horses are protected from flies and other biting insects, but inevitably they are going to get bit. Many horses are able to handle the occasional bite, but some horses are extremely sensitive, reacting with oversized welts and oozing sores.

The best way to treat this reaction is with a fly-repellent ointment. These uniquely formulated topical creams nurture the wound while protecting it from house flies, face flies, stable flies, and horn flies. However, don't think that these ointments are solely for treating bug bites. They treat and repel bugs from an open sore or scratch.

We carry fly-repellent ointments from trustworthy companies such as Durvet, Farnam, Pharmakas, and Tail Tamer to ensure that your horse has the ultimate in wound care and fly protection.

Unfortunately, bugs flock to oozing sores, which only irritates the wound more and delays healing time. Farnam Swat Fly Repellent Ointment is a perennial customer favorite when it comes to treating wounds in the summer. Available in both a clear formula and its iconic pink recipe, both are equally effective healing agents.

Flies often go for the sensitive underbelly of the horse. Tail Tamer Belly Balm targets this area, offering soothing relief from bites while providing a thick, impervious layer of protection. This balm is great for the summer months, as it continues to work even in wet conditions or when your horse is sweating.

Fly season can be tough to tackle for equestrians and their horses. At The Cheshire Horse, we aim to provide a well-rounded approach to pest control to ensure a happy and healthy horse and horse owner. Consult with our experienced sales staff if you have questions about any of the products that we carry.