North American Wildlife

26 Results
26 Results

Give your child hands-on experience with the incredible animals that call North America their home. We carry an extensive selection of highly realistic Schleich models that showcase animals of the American wildlife. With the detailed paint jobs and durable manufacturing, these wildlife models will encourage a love of nature and inspire your child to learn more about the fascinating animals that live among us.

Your child will cherish a herd of white-tailed deer models or a sleuth of grizzly bear models. With a wide range of wildlife roaming our shelves, you may even catch sight of an elusive lynx model or an impressive American buffalo model. We even carry gorgeous bald eagle models, the United States national emblem and mascot since 1782.

Jump start your child’s collection with one of the Scheich model sets. Check out the Schleich North American Forest Dwellers Set which includes a model black bear, a model skunk, and a model moose. To up the cuteness factor, pick up a Schleich Forest Animal Babies Set that showcases a group of young animals that frolic in the forest. You will love the bear cub model, baby moose model, and piglet model.

Some amazing wildlife lives right in your backyard! Bring nature to life with our Schleich American wildlife models. If you have questions regarding the Schleich toys that we carry or would like personalized shopping recommendations, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly sales staff.