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17 Results
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Ensure that your clippers are running at their peak condition with our extensive selection of clipper accessories and maintenance supplies. Whether you body clip your horse, clip your horse's legs and face for competition, or simply like to maintain a clean bridle path, many equestrians find themselves using clippers on a frequent basis.

Clean, well oiled blades clip smoothly, without leaving clipper tracks. The Oster Blade Wash Cleaner washes away dirt, sweat, and excess hair while maintaining the integrity of the blade. Using a clipper oil after cleaning, like the Andis Clipper Blade Oil, and a lubricant while clipping, such as the Oster Kool Lube 3 Blade Lubricant, will keep the blades moving free and cool to the touch. Blades that have not been properly lubricated may overheat, which may cause your horse unnecessary discomfort. We even carry versatile products like the Oster 5 in 1 Spray which disinfects the blade while cooling, lubricating, and protecting against rust. Learn more about proper clipper and clipper blade care on our blog.

Protect your clippers and keep your accessories organized with a clipper bag. These durable bags help to keep all of your clipping supplies right at hand. The waterproof Andis Accessory Bag is perfectly sized to hold your blades, clippers, and replacement batteries.

If you have cordless clippers, a healthy battery is paramount. We carry a wide variety of replacement rechargeable batteries from Oster and Andis. If you have any questions about selecting the proper batteries for your clippers, please reach out to our friendly and experienced sales associates who can assist you with your purchase.