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25 Results
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As you tuck your horse into his stall for the night, chances are you give him extra hay and check his water. Do you bundle him up tightly in a blanket as well? To help you keep your horse warm and cozy on frigid winter nights, The Cheshire Horse carries a selection of stable blankets, stable sheets, and liners for your consideration. Stable sheets are lightweight blankets that offer a thin layer of protection while your horse is in the barn.

Stable blankets are a wonderful tool for keeping your horses toasty when the temperatures drop. Horses who are either body clipped or blanketed to keep a winter coat from growing are ideal candidates for wearing stable blankets. Carrying a large variety of sizes and insulation weights from Horseware, we have blankets for every horse and situation. Heavy blankets are an excellent choice for cold winter days, while medium weight blankets are the perfect solution for chilly fall and spring evenings.

Designed to be worn indoors, stable blankets are not waterproof. They are excellent for layering, either under a turnout sheet or over a stable sheet. They are typically lighter weight (but just as warm!) in comparison to turnout blankets, making them more comfortable for your horse when he is in his stall. These versatile blankets ensure that you can keep your horse warm, whatever the weather may be!

Blanket liners are a great way to combat temperature changes. The ideal layer under a stable blanket or turnout sheet, they offer warmth without a lot of bulk. Our blanket liners from Horseware and Schneiders come in a wide variety of sizes and weights so that we can help you fit every horse and weather pattern. Many liners conveniently clip to your horse’s exterior blanket, allowing it to stay in place without any additional straps which may irritate your horse. This makes it extremely easy to put on and take off, saving valuable time as you are blanketing a full barn of horses. Please note that most blanket liners are not designed to be worn by themselves and need to have an additional blanket to secure them.

When it comes to buying any sort of blanket for your horse, selecting the correct size is essential. Learn how to measure your horse for a blanket on our blog.

Do you have questions about stable blankets and if they are the right choice for your horse, talk with our experienced sales staff. They can answer all of your questions and help your shop for your favorite equine companion.