Decorative Barn Hardware

23 Results
23 Results

We carry an extensive selection of barn hardware that is as beautiful as it is functional. Featuring horse shoes, horse heads, buckles, and other classic designs and simple equestrian touches, our inventory of decorative barn hardware can instantly elevate the look of your barn and tack room

We carry hooks, handles, brackets, and cross tie rings from your favorite equine brands including Apple Picker, Burlingham Sports, and Horse Fare. Available in a wide variety of metals and finishes, including brass, chrome, cast iron, and patina metals in addition to stained wood, you will be able to match any decor. Perfect for hanging everything from bridles and harnesses to blankets and cross ties, we have the appropriate hardware for nearly every application.

Many equestrians also bring these decorative hooks into their homes. They are wonderful for displaying award halters or for creating a memorial for a deceased horse.

The majority of the hardware that we carry comes complete with matching mounting screws. Be sure to refer to the individual product page for details.

Upgrade the interior of your barn and tack room with tasteful equestrian accents and decorative equine hardware. If you have specific measurements that you would like taken or would like assistance purchasing coordinating hardware, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff.