Lunge Lines

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32 Results

A lunge line is a versatile yet simple training tool which allows you to work with your horse from the ground. Working on a circle, the handler can put a horse through their paces without ever sitting on their back. Often used when introducing green horses to tack, when utilizing side reins and a surcingle, or simple when allowing a horse to stretch their legs, lunge lines have a myriad of uses around the barn. Proper lunging can assist your horse in building muscle, developing rhythm, and improving their balance, which translates to better under saddle work.

We carry cotton lunge lines, nylon lunge lines, rope lunge lines, and leather lunge lines from trusted equestrian brands including Centaur, Double Diamond, Waldhausen, and Weaver Leather. Some of the lunge lines that we have in stock feature a chain for additional control.

When lunging a horse, never wrap the lunge line around your hand. This is an extreme safety violation and may result in you being dragged. Instead, if you have a strong horse, look for a lunge line with leather grips or a lunge line with a rubber stopper so that you are able to maintain a firm hold when necessary.

In addition to their ground training purposes, lunge lines are also popular when teaching beginner equestrians to ride. The rider can focus on their balance and equitation without worrying about controlling the horse.

Integrate groundwork into your horse's training regime with a quality lunge line. If you have any questions regarding the lunge lines we carry or would like assistance selecting the proper ground training tools for you and your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands on experience with the tack and horse equipment that we carry.