Dog Training Aids

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85 Results
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A well-trained dog is a happy and safe dog. Our canine companions love please us, and they try their hardest to do what is expected of them. Additionally, an obedient dog is able to join you on adventures and explore all that your world has to offer. At The Cheshire Horse, we love dogs and enjoy the dog training process ourselves, so we carry a wide array of trusted canine training aids to assist you in your dog training endeavors.

Selecting the right training collar or harness largely depends on your dog. Look for a collar that releases quickly so you are able to reward your dog immediately when they respond correctly to your commands. Many dogs respond well to nylon collars. The PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar is effective for dogs that pull or handlers with physical limitations, allowing the handler to gently redirect the dog's attention with ease.

Potty training is an important piece of every puppy's early education. We stock a variety of training aids, including pee pads, to assist you and your puppy in making this process easier.

Electronic trainers are popular when teaching recall skills and appropriate barking behaviors. With a wide array of electronic collars and receivers from trusted brands including PetSafe and SportDog, we can help you communicate with your dog more clearly.

Learn more about socializing your puppy and training your dog on our blog post, The Importance of a Well-Trained Dog. If you have questions about the canine training products that we carry or would like assistance in making your purchase, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our educated sales staff. Many of us are dog owners ourselves, and are familiar with the challenges that arise with training a dog or puppy.