Fetlock Boots

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15 Results

Fetlock boots and ankle boots are traditionally used on the hind legs of your horse to protect the fetlock joint from strikes or brushing from the opposite hind hook. They shield the sensitive joints and skin from abrasion and injury during ground work, lunging, and under saddle work. Fetlock boots may be used for horses of every discipline, but they are particularly popular among hunter/jumper, dressage, and eventing riders.

We carry durable and high-quality fetlock boots and ankle boots from your favorite equestrian brands including Horze, Professional's Choice, Shires, ThinLine, Waldhausen, and Woof Wear. Leather fetlock boots are popular for use at competitions, as well as clinics and lessons due to their classic look. For schooling rides, many equestrians turn to neoprene or synthetic fetlock boots with their durable nature and their easy care instructions: simply hose the boots off after your ride to remove the dirt, horse hair, and sweat; then hang to dry.

Fetlock rings are thick rubber rings which attach to your horse's ankle. They are worn while your horse is in the stall, during turnout, and while your horse is being ridden. These rubber fetlock rings help to protect your horse's fetlocks from interference while not impeding your horse's movement. Due to their low profile design, they can be worn for longer durations because heat does not build up under the boots as easily and they are less likely to irritate the skin. We carry economical fetlock rings from Jacks Equestrian.

In addition to fetlock boots, we also carry a full selection of Bell Boots, Hind Boots, Hock Boots, Hoof Boots, Open Front Boots, Performance Boots. Shipping Boots, Splint Boots, and Therapy Boots. Learn more about the various types of horse boots and their applications on our blog post, Horse Boots & Wraps.

Many horses, including senior horses, performance horses, and those who are beginning their conditioning regime, can benefit from fetlock boots and ankle boots. If you have any questions regarding proper sizing or would like assistance choosing the right boots for your horse or pony, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands-on experience with all of the equine products that we carry.