Digestive Supplements

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114 Results
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There is a reason that digestive supplements have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. Horses are designed to be grazing animals on the open plain, yet domestication has put many horses in a drastically different situation, living in stalls and eating only a few times a day. Digestive supplements help to support your horse's digestive system, allowing it to function at an optimal level.

We carry a wide range of probiotics, also referred to as direct-fed microorganisms or DFMs, which aid in maintaining the population of good bacteria in the intestine. Much like when we eat yogurt, probiotic supplements increase the flora of the gut. Probios Powder from Vets Plus, Inc. and Manna Pro Opti-Zyme are both popular forms of this microbial supplement. Learn more about probiotics and how they can help your horse on our blog.

If horses are in situations that they deem to be stressful, they can develop ulcers. Perfect Products GastroEase EQ can assist your horse's system address the effects of stress and minimize acid levels. We also carry a full selection of ulcer supplements that are formulated specifically to counter this common issue.

When horses are kept in dry lots, sand colic can become a real concern. Horses consume dirt or sand along with any forage that is fed on the ground; when the dirt is ingested, it settles in the colon, cecum, and intestine and can result in serious implications such as colic. Supplements such as Farnam SandClear Natural Psyllium Crumbles and Fiberpsyll contain high quantities of soluble and insoluble-fiber which helps to flush the intestine and eliminate sand from the digestive track.

Support your horse's digestive system with a supplement from The Cheshire Horse. If you have any questions or would like assistance in making your purchase set-up a complementary nutrition consultation.