Nylon Halters

51 Results
51 Results

Rugged and durable, nylon halters can be seen hanging on many stall doors throughout the country. These halters are easy to clean, budget friendly, and available in a myriad of colors and patterns.

We pride ourselves on our large assortment of halters, carrying quality brands including Horze, Perri's Leather, Shires, Weaver Leather, and many more. Nylon halters are nearly indestructible, so they are surprisingly easy to care for. Simply brush chunks of mud and dirt off of the halter, or break out the hose and a gentle detergent to tackle extremely dirty nylon halters.

Add a touch of glam to your horse's look with the LeMieux Vogue Halter & Lead Rope. The gorgeous colors and the dramatic noseband make you want to stare at your horse's adorable face at all time! If you prefer a more subdued look, Triple E Premium Southwest Overlay Adjustable Nylon Halter showcases a tastefully embroidered applique to add just the right amount of interest.

The Cheshire Horse realizes that horses come in all shapes and sizes, but don't fret… we have you covered. With sizing ranging from miniature horse halters, pony halters, and foal halters to cob-size halters and draft horse halters, we can help you find the right size halter for your horse.

Nylon halters are great for many different applications, but they are not suitable for unsupervised turnout or trailering because they do not break under pressure. We carry breakaway halters (nylon halters with leather breakaway crown pieces) for these uses.

Our friendly sales staff has years of hands-on equestrian experience, if you need assistance selecting the proper nylon halter for your horse, please don't hesitate to ask for our help.