Standing Martingales

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12 Results

A standing martingale is a piece of training equipment which prevents your horse from raising their head too high and evading the bit contact. These specialized training devices extend from the girth to your horse's noseband of the bridle; it is then held in place with a coordinating neck strap. They are typically used on hunter/jumpers and eventers, however they can be seen on horses of various disciplines when schooling.

We carry a number of leather standing martingales in a variety of price points from trusted equestrian brands including Bobby's English Tack, Gatsby, Henri de Rivel (HDR), KL Select, Nunn Finer, and Walsh. Available in several colors as well as raised and plain options, we can help you find a standing martingale to match your horse's bridle and saddle. We have standing martingale to fit every horse or pony with oversized, horse, cob, and pony sizes.

Standing martingales are legal for some competitions, particularly hunter over fences, jumpers, and equitation over fences classes. If you have any questions regarding the legality of your tack or equiptment, we suggest that you confer with your horse show association's rule book or speak with a licensed steward.

Many equestrians utilize a rubber martingale ring to keep the martingale properly positioned and adjusted. As with any new piece of tack, it is recommended that you introduce your standing martingale to your horse slowly and under the tutelage of an experienced equestrian.

In addition to standing martingales, we also carry a full inventory of running martingales and martingale attachments.

A well-fitting standing martingale may result in increased communication between you and your horse while teaching your horse to stretch over his topline and maintain a proper headset. If you have any questions regarding the standing martingales that we carry or would like assistance with sizing, we invite you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands-on equine experience.