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292 Results
292 Results

Bring your love of horses and farmyard animals home from the barn with you. Our extensive selection of equestrian and farm-inspired décor lets you showcase your passion within your house. 

With tasteful clocks, lamps, and figurines, you can add an equestrian or farmyard flair to your household. From tasteful equestrian accents to bold statements, we carry something that will coordinate with your existing home decor.

Our collection of highly-quality soy candles from Pet Horse Candles and Grey Horse Candles emit delightful fragrances that will add an irresistible ambiance to your home. In the summer months, a quality citronella-based candle may be just what you need to discourage the biting insects while you enjoy the beautiful weather on your deck or patio.

With a complete inventory of wall decor, including paintings, prints, and farmhouse signs, we make it easy to decorate every room of your house with equine- and farmyard-inspired imagery. Whether you are looking for a small accent piece to complete your bedroom or a large statement painting to anchor your living room, we have something for everyone and every home. Many of these pieces look striking in a barn viewing room or tack room as well! We also carry exquisite sterling silver frames and other pieces from Arthur Court.

Decorative hooks, like those from Horse Fare, are more than just beautiful; they are also highly functional. We carry a wide variety of chrome, brass, wrought iron, cast iron, and powder-coated steel hooks that will appeal to every equestrian and dog owner.

Wipe your feet and keep your home clean with a new rug or doormat. Produced from high-quality materials from your favorite equine manufacturers, these quickly remove the mud from your barn boots or riding boots while withstanding the rigors of life on the farm.

In the bedroom, we have everything you need to sleep deeply and dream of horses and life on the farm. Our inventory of decorative pillows and equestrian-inspired sleeping bags make for fun conversation pieces for equestrians of all ages!

Spruce up your house with our extensive selection of home décor specifically for the equestrian and farm enthusiast. Our friendly and experienced sales staff is standing by to help you through the process of turning your house into a home.