Thermal Warmth Therapy

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19 Results

Mess-free, easy to use, and highly effective, many equestrians are turning to thermal warmth therapeutic products. These leg wraps, blankets, hoods, and hock boots gently reflect your horse's warmth back to them in the form of infrared heat to reduce inflammation and muscle stiffness.

Trusted equine companies Back on Track and Professional's Choice have developed products to aid in your horse's comfort and soundness. If your horse is stiff throughout his body and back or suffers from sore stifles, a therapeutic blanket, such as the Professional's Choice Theramic Sheet or the Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet, allow your horse to wear this innovative soothing technology throughout the day.

We have products to assist all of your horse's various body parts. Help loosen your horse's back and increase his suppleness with a saddle pad, like the Back on Track Therapeutic Saddle Pad, which is available in all-purpose, dressage, and Western styles. The poll is one of the most sensitive areas of the horse; it is the spot where the nerves from the rest of the body attach to your horse's brain through the spinal column. Poll pads, such as the Back on Track Poll Cover, encourage your horse to round over topline and maintain even contact with the bit during your under saddle work; you can attach a poll pad to your bridle and your halter so your horse can receive soothing relief through his day.

Your horse's legs need ample amounts of protection and support to help him stand sound through his life. We carry a wide variety of therapeutic boots and leg wraps that utilize thermal warmth technology. From pillow wraps and polo wraps to open front exercise boots and bell boots, we have the proper tools to help you maximize your horse's comfort.

Keeping your horse comfortable and sound is of the utmost importance to every equestrian. Talk to a knowledgeable member of our sales staff to learn how you can utilize thermal warmth therapy as a part of your horse's wellness routine. As equestrians, we are happy to offer personalized recommendations and answer any questions that you may have about the products that we carry.