Dog Health Care

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154 Results

Keeping our dogs happy and healthy is at the forefront of every dog owner's mind. After all, they are our constant companions and truly are man's (and woman's) best friend. At The Cheshire Horse, we are dog owners ourselves, so we understand just how important the health of your canine counterpart is. We carry a wide selection of health care supplies so that you can properly care for your dog through all of life's stages, from puppyhood to those golden years.

With eye care and ear washes, you can help your dog to feel clean and comfortable in these sensitive areas. A little preventative care can go a long way, reducing the likelihood of painful infections and crusty skin conditions. Vetericyn Canine Ear Rinse makes it easy to eliminate ear mites while removing dirt, dead skin, and other foreign matter.

We all love our dogs, but dog breath can be downright unbearable. In addition to providing fresh breath, clean teeth are also imperative to the overall health of your dog. Our oral hygiene products make it easy to maintain those pearly whites in between routine cleanings.

Some puppies need a little extra love in the beginning of their lives; for these pups, our milk replacement powders and complete liquids ensure that your youngster receives quality nutrition no matter what their circumstances may be.

Help to promote healthy joints and muscles from the inside out with our complete line of canine supplements, including Cosequin ASU Sport Joint Health for Dogs. Supplements that are cannabinoid (CBD) based have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason, as testing has shown that they help to decrease inflammation. Check out our large variety of products including True Hemp Hip & Joint Dog Chews. For persistent pain, we also have pain relief medications, like Nutri-Vet Aspirin For Large Dogs, and therapeutic products, such as the Caldera Stifle Therapy Wrap with Gel Pack for Dogs.

For any questions about the products that we carry or for assistance in making your purchase, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.