Hoof Picks

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23 Results

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide array of hoof care supplies to ensure that your horse's hooves are a healthy foundation on which they can stand. At the forefront of your horse's hoof care regime is the extremely simple, yet highly effective hoof pick. An essential piece of every grooming kit, a hoof pick allows you to efficiently remove rocks, dirt, manure, and other debris from the sole of the hoof and the commissure of the frog (the commissure of the frog are the grooves between the frog and the sole of the hoof).

Picking your horse's hooves should be done at least daily, preferably before and after their daily ride or turnout session. Consistent hoof picking helps to avoid hoof bruises as well as other hoof maladies such as thrush and white line disease. We carry a wide array of hoof picks, with extremely economical options as well as high quality hoof picks that will last for many years. Our extensive selection includes items from trusted equestrian brands like Partrade Trading, Roma, Tail Tamer, Waldhausen, and Weaver Leather.

The Jacks Ultimate Hoof Pick is sturdy and hardworking, with a fitted grip that fits perfectly into your hand. It easily removes large stones and mud from the hoof, while limiting fatigue in your hand.

Learn more about hoof ailments and how you can prevent and treat them on our blog. For additional information on how to properly use a hoof pick or for questions on selecting the right hoof pick for your horse, we invite you to reach out to members of our friendly sales staff, who have years of hands on horse experience.