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Satisfy your dog’s inner instinct to gnaw and chew with our wide selection of natural dog chews. Manufactured from high quality ingredients, these natural chews are gentle on your dog’s digestive system. This makes them an excellent choice for dogs with specialized diets, including gluten-free diets, grain-free diets, and limited ingredient diets; many of the minimally processed dog chews that we carry are even appropriate if your dog is on a strict raw food diet.

Our selection of natural canine chews comes from many popular dog food and dog treat brands such as Himalayan Pet Supply, IcelandicPLUS, Primal Pet Foods, RedBarn, Sportmix, and Vital Essentials. These natural dog products closely simulate what your dog’s ancestors would eat in the wild, with unique ingredients which include buffalo tracheas, chicken necks, cod fish skin, pig ears, deer shanks, and marrow bones. By utilizing organ and bone tissue, natural dog chews provide your dog with quality proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals while keeping them occupied and entertained.

Please note: Due to the perishable nature of these dog treat chews, some may only be available for in-store pick up. All online orders may be picked up at our Swanzey, NH, flagship store location.

Give your dog a tasty treat while providing them with quality nutrition when you shop our high-quality natural dog chews. If you have questions regarding the ingredients or processing method of a specific dog treat or would like a suggestion as to which canine chew would appeal to your dog’s discerning palate, we invite you to speak to a member of our highly trained and dog-loving sales staff.