Pony Bits

13 Results
13 Results

Do you have the perfect pony in your life? Let's face it, every pony is a great pony with their larger than life personality. Children and adults alike enjoy riding and driving ponies, but have lamented that it can be difficult to find tack and equipment that is correctly sized for their small equine stature.

At The Cheshire Horse, we love ponies! After you browse our store or our online offerings, it is easy to see why our customers consider us their go-to source for everything pony. We carry an extensive assortment of pony-sized bits from reputable companies like Coronet, Korsteel, Myler Bits, Shires, and Toklat to ensure that they have the same selection as their larger horse-sized counterparts. With Dee-Ring Snaffles, Eggbutt Snaffles, Loose Ring Snaffles, Full Cheek Snaffles, Kimberwickes, and Pelhams, we have the proper bit for every pony at each stage of their training.

Showcasing the right proportions, the Shires Small Ring Eggbutt Snaffle perfect offsets a petite head. A great starter bit, the eggbutt snaffle or the Korsteel Rubber Mouth Dee Snaffle Bit are ideal for young riders who are just beginning their riding careers.

For our dressage ponies, we are pleased to carry the Korsteel JP Oval Mouth Loose Ring Snaffle Bit and the Hollow Mouth Medium Weight Loose Ring Snaffle Bit. Popular among dressage riders, these bits encourage softness and salivation, resulting in more acceptance of the bit. Both of these bits, and many more of the pony bits that we carry, are legal for United States Dressage Federation (USDF) competitions.

If you need assistance in selecting the proper bit for your pony, please consult with our friendly and experienced sales associates.