Turnout Blankets

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36 Results

Unsure if your horse needs a turnout blanket? If they aren’t clipped in the winter and have adequate shelter during cold conditions, then chances are that your horse is OK without one. For older horses, or horses who are turned out frequently, or clipped during the winter, a turnout blanket will help your horse stay warm, happy, and healthy until spring.

Not all turnout blankets are the same. Some brands fit some breeds of horses better than others. For thoroughbreds and standardbreds with skinny necks and high withers, you might want to look for a high-neck turnout blanket. These are designed with a higher cut neck that sits above the withers to provide relief from pressure on the withers and to ensure a snug fit to prevent snow and rain from running inside the blanket and down the horse's shoulder.

Another thing to consider while choosing a turnout blanket is denier, or how tough the blanket is. Denier refers to the tightness of the weave of thread on the outer shell of a turnout blanket. The higher the number, the tighter the weave, and the stronger the blanket is against rips and tears. A 600D blanket would be good for a horse that is turned out alone and is easy on blankets. A 1200D Ballistic nylon blanket would be good for a horse who is turned out with other horses who like to play.

Another important feature of turnout blankets is the fill. This refers to how warm the blanket is. A 360g fill blanket would be like a winter parka to a person. A turnout blanket with 50g to 100g of polyfill insulation is considered a light-medium weight, 150g-250g of polyfill insulation is a medium weight, and 300g of polyfill and above is considered a heavyweight blanket. We stock all these choices in sizes for every horse.

Choose from all the trusted brands like Bucas, Horseware, Horze, Shires, and WeatherBeeta. We have the blanket that will keep your horse toasty warm this winter! To learn more about turnout blankets and sheets visit our blog.