Fly Masks

61 Results
61 Results

You often seen horses standing head to tail in the field, casually swiping away the flies from their pasture-mates with their built-in fly squatters. Flies like to cluster near your horse's eyes, and sometimes even causing irritation. Any way you slice it, flies are a nuisance to our horses and ponies.

The best way to keep pesky flies from your horse's face is to put a physical barrier between it and the flies. We carry an extensive line of fly masks from reputable companies such as Cashel, Farnam, Horseware, Horze and Lami-Cell to ensure our customers ample selection. Available in a myriad of colors and sizes, you will be able to find a fly mask for every taste and budget. We even carry fly masks that are specifically sized for mules, like the Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with Ears Mule Sizes.

If your horse has clipped ears, you may want to consider a mask that offers ear protection. The Rambo Fly Mask Plus and the Cashel Crusader Colored Standard Fly Mask With Ears are popular among our customers. By covering the ears, your horse will find relief from gnats and other biting insects that often swarm around his head.

For horses that want to get in touch with their wild side, look no further than the Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Fly Mask. Not only the fun design perfectly match the coordinating fly sheet, the distinctive pattern has been proven to discourage bugs from landing on it. Apparently African Zebras know a thing or two about pest control!

Fly masks are easy for your horse to see through and will not alter their vision. However, if you have a horse with particularly sensitive eyes, the Kensington UViator Protective Mask with Nose and Ears may be right for you. Offering protection from 90% of the sun's UV rays, it ideal for horses who have solar intolerance. It also doubles as a halter, making it extremely convenient for leading horses in and out of the pasture.

Fly masks are the front line of pest control for many equestrians. If you have any questions about the fly masks that we carry, please reach out to our experienced sales staff.