Cat Supplies

1,093 Results
1,093 Results
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We love cats at The Cheshire Horse. In addition to our horse and livestock products, we have everything that you need to care for your feline companions. From house cats to barn cats, our extensive selection will give your furry friends something to meow about.

We know that you want the very best for your cat, so we carry quality brands like HomeoPet, Yeowww Catnip, Nature's Miracle, and Fromm Family Foods at fair pricing that makes your budget happy.

Help your cat feel right at home with a cat bed, as well as a scratching post and feline furniture that they can call their home. We all know that cats enjoy eating, so we stock a variety of bowls and cat feeders in addition to complete lines of cat food, including air-dried cat food, cat food pouches, cat food toppers, dry cat food, freeze-dried cat food, raw/frozen cat food, and wet cat food. In true Cheshire Horse fashion, we also carry a huge assortment of cat treats.

We love our cats but let's face it, we don't necessarily want our houses to smell like them. We carry products specifically formulated to tackle feline odors and stains, in addition to a complete line of litter products.

Cats may have nine lives, but let's aim to make this one as long and healthy as possible. Shop flea and tick control, as well as herbal products and general feline health care.

As cat owners, our knowledgeable sales associates are uniquely qualified to answer any questions you may have about the products that we carry. Reach out to us if you would like assistance with your purchase or would just like to learn more about our personal experience with the products.