95 Results
95 Results

Highly durable, safe, and super realistic, it is easy to see why children of all ages are drawn to the CollectA models from Breyer Horses. The beautifully painted models truly bring the members of the animal kingdom to life, making them a valued addition to playtime. Featuring sealife, jungle animals, insects, farm animals, an entire line of horse breed models, and even dinosaurs, the CollectA miniatures are beloved by animal-loving children and adults.

Older children will delight in playing out scenarios and even building dioramas with the model animals. The hand-crafted vinyl models are safe for young children as well. The phthalate-free, lead-free material is held to the highest standards during the production process. These model cows, llamas, tigers, butterflies, and so much more are the perfect way to encourage hands-on, screen-free playtime, and with their small size, they fit easily into your child’s hand. The models are generally a few inches tall, ranging from full-scale (in the case of the insects) to 1:64 scale (in the case of the dinosaurs). Typically, the horses are at 1:20 scale.

Horse lovers will delight in the attention to detail that is paid to each model. From Shires and Paso Finos to Chincoteague Ponies and Icelandics, the CollectA models are sculpted and painted to meet the ideals of each breed. Many equestrians love pursuing our selection and choosing one that reminds them of the special horse in their life.

From a wide array of horse breed models to model farm animals (including dogs and cats!) and jungle animal models, the CollectA collection showcases so many members of the animal kingdom. They make wonderful gifts and are popular for birthday presents, holiday gifts, and stocking stuffers. At an economical price point, you quickly build a collection of all of your favorites! If you have any questions regarding our line of CollectA models, we invite you to reach out to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.