Level Two Bits

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20 Results

If you have a young or green horse, that is beginning his training and has a steady disposition, or an older horse, who is just beginning his training or is training for a new discipline, a Myler Level Two bit may be the right pick for you. For those who are retraining a horse after an extended period of time off, Level Two bits are also considered the correct place to start. The Myler Bitting System is a graduated system, that allows you to pick the perfect bit for your horse based on their demeanor and their level of training.

If you are currently riding your horse in a Level One Myler bit, you will know when it is time to transition to a Level Two bit when your horse begins to show relevance in accepting the bit. According to Ron, Dale, and Bob Myler, third-generation horsemen and the founders of the Myler system, when your horse begins to resist the bit that is the time to move to a softer bit, not a harsher one.

The Level Two Bits incorporate independent side movement with many of their mouthpieces. This unique function aids in educating the horse about the rein aids, which allows the rider to communicate with the horse. This simplifies teaching the horse to steer and bend.

The hallmark of the Myler Bit system is a mouthpiece the is curved to allow ample room for the horse’s tongue when the bit is in a neutral position. By concentrating on the comfort of your horse’s mouth, you will notice increased focus and relaxation which translates to better performance under saddle.

Myler Level Two bits are available in English and Western styles and are offered in a number of different cheekpieces (including kimberwicke, Pelham, eggbutt, loose ring, and full cheek) and mouthpieces. Materials, such as stainless steel and copper, are used to encourage salivation. The optional Bit and Rein Hooks can be utilized to add leverage and fine-tune the communication between you and your horse.

Many of the Myler Level Two snaffle bits are now legal in the dressage arena and the dressage portion of eventing, provided the rein and bit hooks are not utilized. For the most up-to-date information, be sure to refer to the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) or the United States Eventing Association (USEA).

The Cheshire Horse proudly carries a complete line of Myler bits. If you need assistance in selecting the right Myler bit for your horse please contact our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff or refer to our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse