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11 Results

Crafty Ponies are not just adorable plush toys; they are miniature equestrian teachers designed to instill horsemanship skills in young enthusiasts. These high-quality, colorful ponies come in various shades, allowing kids to create a vibrant herd. Customization options, such as adding socks or feathers, make each Crafty Pony unique. Their cotton manes and tails offer tactile experiences as children brush and braid them.

Each Crafty Pony comes with a learning passport booklet, imparting valuable lessons in proper horse care, from tacking up to suturing. The uniqueness of Crafty Ponies lies in their miniature accessories, mirroring full-size counterparts. Halters, saddles, blankets, polo wraps, and grooming kits, all crafted precisely, aid in hands-on learning. Accompanying booklets teach children how to use each piece of equipment. A miniature barn and play mats for dressage and show jumping competitions add to the immersive experience.

Enhance playtime with Crafty Pony Rider Dolls that can be positioned for pretend riding. These durable dolls feature elastic hands, ensuring a secure grip on reins, lead ropes, and lunge lines. With various outfits available, riders can dress appropriately for any occasion.

Crafty Ponies offer a screen-free, imaginative play experience, fostering a love for horses and valuable equestrian skills. Affordable and educational, these toys provide children with hands-on horsemanship lessons. The collection makes for ideal holiday, birthday, or anytime gifts, offering the joy of learning about horses. Jumpstart your child's passion for equines with a Crafty Pony or accessory – contact us today for assistance in choosing the perfect one!