Bridle Brackets & Racks

29 Results
29 Results

A clean and organized tack room puts a smile on every equestrian's face. Our selection of bridle brackets and racks help keep your bridles, halters, and other leather goods properly hung and off of the floor. By storing your bridles correctly, you can keep them in good condition and minimize the amount of mold, mildew, and dirt which accumulates on the leather and stitching.

We carry an extensive selection of individual bridle holders and multiple bridle racks from your favorite equestrian brands including Apple Picker, Equi-Essentials, Horse Fare, Intrepid International, Roma, and Tough-1. Available in a wide array of durable rust-resistant materials, such as brass, wood, plastic, cast iron, chrome, and powder-coated steel, we can match every tack room's decor and color scheme. From strong and simple hooks to decorative and ornate bridle brackets, we have something for every equestrian's taste and budget. We also stock portable bridle rack options which are ideal for bringing to horse shows, dressage competitions, or clinics so that you can stay organized on the road.

Two- and four-prong tack hooks make it easy to clean your tack after your ride. Simply hang from your bridle from the rack and scrub it clean from every angle. These useful hooks are a tack room essential.

Outfit your tack room and protect your bridles and leather wear with our online and in-store inventory of bridle racks. If you have any questions regarding the bridle and halter brackets that we carry or would like assistance selecting the right bridle organizational system for your tack room, we encourage you to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.