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45 Results

For domestic cats, scratching is a normal behavior that serves a variety of purposes. Scratching aids in keeping their claws sharpened while assisting them in shedding their claw sheaths. Cats also scratch to mark their territory, by leaving visual scratch marks as well as scent markers from the scent glands in their paw pads. By digging into a plush surface, cats are also able to experience a comfortable, full-body stretch.

Cats instinctively love to scratch, so it is essential that cat owners provide a space where your cat can scratch to his heart's content. Providing a scratching post or surface encourages your cat to stop scratching your furniture, keeping them away from your couch, bed, and favorite recliner.

We carry an extensive selection of scratching posts, cat forts, and scratching furniture from a number of trusted pet supply manufacturers, including Catit, Hagen Pet Products, and Ware Pet Products. With economical and luxurious options, we have scratching materials to fit into every budget and match all varieties of home decor.

Elevated cat forts and trees also give your cat a secure place to rest and relax. Cats love to survey their territory from a higher vantage point. Check out our selection of cat hideaways and cat climbers.

Due to the size and weight of these products, many may incur additional shipping charges. Free pick-up for all online orders is available at our flagship Swanzey, NH, location.

Scratching is a healthy part of every housecat's life; support their natural instincts with a scratcher or piece of scratching furniture from The Cheshire Horse. If you have any questions about the scratching posts that we carry or would like assistance selecting the proper piece of feline furniture, we invite you to connect with a member of our knowledgeable and cat-loving sales staff.