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20 Results

Crafty Ponies Riders and Characters bring an extra dimension of excitement to the imaginative world of equestrian play. These horseback riding dolls are not just miniature figures but dynamic companions that add flair to every pony adventure.

Crafty Ponies Rider Dolls are durable and poseable, making them perfect for pretend riding atop their plush pony friends. Their elastic hands are designed for a secure grip on reins, lead ropes, and lunge lines, enhancing the realism of play. The riders come with various outfits suitable for different occasions, allowing children to dress them according to their creative scenarios.

What sets Crafty Ponies Riders apart is the attention to detail. Each rider is crafted with precision to replicate the essence of a young equestrian, inspiring kids to create narratives that reflect the world of horseback riding. Whether it's a casual ride around the stable or a formal dressage competition, these riders are ready for any equine adventure.

These miniature equestrians become the companions of Crafty Ponies, creating a bond that goes beyond the fabric and stuffing. Children can immerse themselves in stories of friendship, training, and competitions, enhancing their understanding of the equestrian world. The Crafty Ponies Rider Dolls also provide an avenue for children to express their creativity as they mix and match outfits and invent scenarios for their equine and human friends.

In addition to the Rider Dolls, Crafty Ponies' characters further enrich the storytelling experience. These characters may include stable hands, veterinarians, or even other riders, allowing children to expand their equestrian world and introduce new elements to their imaginative play.

Crafty Ponies Riders and Characters complement the Crafty Ponies collection and encourage children to explore various aspects of horsemanship and stable life. With attention to detail, poseability, and a range of outfits, these additions ensure that every pony adventure is unique and filled with endless possibilities. Introduce Crafty Ponies Riders and Characters to your child's equestrian play, and watch as their creativity and love for horses flourish.