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183 Results

Your horse's' legs and feet work hard every day, even if they aren't being ridden. If you're working your horses on a rigorous exercise regimen, their legs are especially susceptible to injury and trauma if left unprotected. Make sure you are prepared with the proper leg and hoof gear to suit your horse's needs. The Cheshire Horse has a wide selection of boots made specifically to suit all equine sports, with great options for all horse sizes and all budgets.

Common injuries to the hoof occur as a result of horses overreaching with their rear foot and striking the front, which can also lead to pulled shoes. A great solution for the overreaching horse is a pair of bell boots. These boots, designed to fit the hoof's natural shape, are typically made of durable products like rubber, PVC, or washable fabric and can come in pull-on or easy hook-and-loop closure styles. We carry a vast selection of bell boots from Davis, Roma, Professional's Choice, and other fine brands, so you're bound to find the right choice for your horse.

The Cheshire Horse also carries a wide selection of hoof boots, like EasyCare's Easyboot series or the Cavallo hoof boots, that can improve your horse's comfort and performance, whether you're looking for extra cushion in the barn or more traction riding on the trails.

To help protect a larger and even more complicated part of the leg, consider a set of boots from our selection of splint boots and performance boots, which also include open-front options. These boots can protect all the of fine muscles and tendons during rigorous riding, as well as offer padding around the cannon bone for jumpers, eventers, and reiners. Consider a pair of splint boots - like our great options from Intrepid, Woof Wear, and Weaver - for daily riding and turnout. For full coverage, you may also consider investing in a pair of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots (SMB), which come in many styles and colors. Browse our selection for many more excellent full coverage options, including shipping boots, as well as hock and fetlock boots that will protect these more specific areas.

Do your horse's legs need treatment for a particular injury? Check out our selection of therapeutic horse boots that can target problem areas with compression, thermal warmth, or ice.

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