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102 Results

If you utilize an electric fence to contain your horses and other livestock, insulators are essential to attach your fencing to your fence posts. Typically made of plastic, fencing insulators allow electricity to transmit through the fencing without impediment. Without them, touching a metal or wooden post will ground out the electrical circuit. Insulators also secure the fencing, helping to keep it taunt and effective.

Carrying a number of different insulators, we can accommodate many different fence posts and fencing materials. We have an assortment of insulators that fit metal T-posts, like the Zareba Wrap-around T-post Extender Insulator. Animals of all species have a tendency to find trouble anywhere, so we are especially fond of the Patriot T-Post Topper and the Speedrite Post Cap Topper. The insulators go double duty; the insulator attaches to the top of the post, which keeps the fencing tight and also protects your livestock from injury.

For our customers that prefer the portability of fiberglass posts, we have insulators that are specifically designed to quickly attach to these posts. The Dare Western Screw-Tight Insulator and many others like it screw on with your hands to make fencing building a breeze in the spring. At the end of the grazing season, they are equally as easy to remove from the posts.

If you would like to add electric fencing to wooden fence posts, we suggest insulators that permanently attach to the posts via nails or screws. The Zareba Wood Post Poly Tape Extender Insulator and the Baygard Wood Post Insulator for Rope are both excellent options depending on whether you want to utilize tape or rope fencing. You can also use electric fencing to reinforce a wooden three-rail fence with these insulators, which is especially convenient for horses that lean on the fence or horses that chew or crib on the fencing.

We have insulators for literally every time of post and fencing. We even have insulators that attach directly to chain link fences!

Our experienced sales associates are always available to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you making your purchase. We also offer fencing installation for our local customers; contact us to set up an estimate. You can learn how to select the right fencing for your horse and your farm on our blog.