Kids' Accessories

6 Results
6 Results

Keep your child warm, safe, and comfortable in and out of the barn with our selection of children's accessories. With everything from whimsical bibs to warm wool socks, and everything in between, we can assist you in outfitting your child for every occasion and season.

Keep your infant clean and add a dash of equestrian flair to their clothing with our adorable assortment of bibs. With designs that feature horses from trusted manufacturers such as GT Reid and Jacks, we have the solution to meal time messes and the inevitable drooling that comes along with teething.

In the chilly winter months, cold toes are no fun! Wool socks insulate your child's toes, while wicking sweat from their feet. Available from Janus Wool, these socks are soft and comfortable enough for all day wear. Learn more on our blog post, Discover Winter with Wool.

For children that ride hunt seat or dressage, jodhpur straps are essential pieces of show ring apparel. They hold your child's breeches in place and prevent them from twisting. Some versions attach to the buttons on your child's breeches, while others clip right to your child's pants. They can also be used with saddle seat jods or jeans.

Add the finishing touches to your young equestrian's outfit. With a wide array of accessories for infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers, we make it easy to shop for your child. If you have any questions about the products that we carry or would like assistance selecting the proper size, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly, experienced sales staff.