Fly Leg Wraps

14 Results
14 Results

You head out the pasture to bring your horse in for the day and you watch your horse stomp repeatedly in an effort to deter flies and other biting insects. All of this stomping is not only annoying and tiring for your horse, it also has the potential to stress, and even damage, your horse's bones, tendons, and ligaments.

Fortunately for you, The Cheshire Horse has a surefire way to keep the nasty bugs off of your horse's legs. Fly leg wraps provide a physical barrier between your horse and the flies, allowing your horse to stand comfortably, even during the depths of fly season.

We carry the best in fly leg protection from trustworthy companies like Cashel, Shires, and Shoofly Leggins. Durable and lightweight, these easy to apply boots are safe to wear while your horse is turned out in the paddock. Heavy duty hook and loop closures allow you to adjust the boots to fit your horse's leg perfectly.

If you want to give your horse ultimate pest control protection, make sure that you have it covered from head to hoof! The Cashel Crusader Leg Guards, Shires Airflow Fly Boots, and Shoofly Leggings Fly Protection can help to eliminate muscle fatigue as well as annoying insect bites on your horse's lower legs.

These chemical free options are also ideal for sensitive horses that are react poorly to fly repellents.

Our experienced sales staff is always ready to answer any and all of your questions about the products that we carry. Consult with us to determine which set of fly leg wraps is the best for your horse.