Metabolic Supplements

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26 Results
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For those who have horses who struggle with insulin resistance (IR) or equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), you know what a difficult balancing act it is to determine their diet. At The Cheshire Horse, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of metabolic supplements to aid you in support their nutritional needs.

With supplements from well-respected companies such as Anime, Equine Medical & Surgical, Figuerola, Ramard, and Vita Flex, you can be confident that you are purchasing well formulated supplements with high-quality ingredients.

Metabolic support supplements, such as Uckele GTF Chromium, utilize chromium to support normal blood sugar levels and a healthy glucose tolerance. Magnesium aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), and fats; it also promotes healthy cardiac function and is a common ingredient in calming supplements ( Magnesium is found in many of our supplements including Vita-Flex Pro Accel Health & Wellness Formula and Animed Remission.

Horses and ponies with metabolic concerns, such as Cushing's Disease, IR, and EMS, are especially prone to laminitis and founder. You can help negate the risk for inflammation of the laminae (the soft tissue in the hoof) by using supplements like Wire2Wire Vet Products LamiGard and Figuerola LaminaSaver. These feed additives enhances the ability of the body to maintain the health of the hoof capsule, sole, frog, laminar, white line, and connective tissue.

As you know, we are more than a tack shop! We also offer metabolic supplements for canines. Support your dog with HEIRO Healthy Insulin Rescue Organical for Dogs and Ramard Total Energy & Stamina Horse & Dog Supplement.

Do you need help in selecting the right supplement for your horse with metabolic concerns? Consult with our experienced sales staff to determine which supplement will be best for your horse and your situation.