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113 Results
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Many people routinely take multivitamin supplements to fill any holes in their dietary intake, and we are here to tell you that you can do the same for your horse.

Working with your vet, you can determine if your horse is suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Depending on your horse's condition, your veterinarian may diagnose this based on symptoms or may choose to draw blood and run a complete blood work panel.

We carry a wide array of targeted and broad vitamin and mineral supplements from trusted companies such as Advanced Biological Concepts, Animed, Buckeye Nutrition, Cox Veterinary Laboratory, and Foxden Equine. Some of the supplements that we carry, like VitaminSea Seaweed Sea Nutrients for Horses: Overall Health and Redmond Equine Red Rock Crushed - Equine Minerals, will benefit nearly every horse, while others, like Durvet Injectable Vitamin E-250 and Finish Line Thia-Cal, should be used dependent on your horses symptoms and diet.

When selecting supplements for your horse, look at their diet as a whole, taking into account pasture, hay, grain, and other supplements.

In New England, selenium deficiencies are common because the soil does not contain adequate amounts of this essential mineral. This means that even quality hay does not do the trick for our horses. Lack of selenium in your horse's diet can cause lethargy, muscle weakness, and in extreme cases even death. Fortunately, we carry a wide selection of selenium supplements; consider feeding your horse Vet-A-Mix Equ-SeE, Animed Plateau Vitamin E & Selenium Crumblet, or Farnam Vitamin E & Selenium Crumbles. Vitamin E is added to many of these supplements because it helps your horse absorb and synthesize selenium.

If you are feeding a fortified grain, be sure that you read the ingredients or check with a member of our helpful staff before adding additional vitamins and minerals to your horse's diet. You may find that your horse is already eating the recommended daily amount (RDA) or you may need to supplement your horse's diet to complete their dietary requirements.

At The Cheshire Horse, we understand just how confusing supplements can be. If you have any questions, please feel free to set up a complimentary nutrition consultation with a member of our experienced sales staff.