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12 Results
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Keep your horse comfortable throughout the duration of your ride with our selection of girth covers and girth accessories. Designed to fit English girths, these are commonly used by hunter/jumper, dressage, event, and saddle seat riders.

For horses prone to girth galls and sensitive horses, girth socks, girth covers, and girth channels can protect your horse's delicate skin and make under saddle work more enjoyable. Made of cotton, fleece, foam, sheepskin, or technical wicking fabrics, these girth covers cushion your horse to protect against chafing and girth sores. They also keep your girth clean and act as a shield against sweat, dirt, and horse hair. Shop our inventory of girth socks from trusted tack companies such as Cashel, Ovation, and Tory Leather.

If your horse has gained weight or if your saddle has short billets, a girth extender helps a smaller girth fit your horse. They are popular for helping to break in a saddle with stiff billets as well. We carry high-quality leather girth extenders from popular equestrian brands including Tory Leather and Bobby's Leather.

Girth loops allow you to clip martingales, draw reins, and other training equipment to your girth without compromising the integrity of your girth. Pick up a leather training girth loop from Tory Leather or a synthetic girth loop from Zilco to make it easy to attach breastplates or training accessories.

Keep your girth in peak condition and working its best with our inventory of girth accessories. If you have any questions regarding the girth covers, girth extenders, or girth loops that we carry or would like assistance making your purchase, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly, horse-loving sales staff who have years of hands-on experience with the products that we carry.